Estimating In The New Normal

Updated: Sep 18, 2020

What is it like to estimate in the new normal when most of the large construction companies and project operations were ceased?

We saw quite a number of general contractors and project managers chase after small scale projects as a lot of large construction projects have been ceased due to the COVID19 pandemic. These small scale projects are limited to the ones in the essential category (i.e. quarantine facilities, public roads and highways, sewerage or drainage systems, and any other projects for the public) and owner type construction projects (i.e. renovations and single house construction). General contractors, project managers, and even architects, would as much as they can, win projects that would retain their profit margin. The more projects they win, the longer their business can survive in this crisis.

Your Struggle Is Our Why

We know the struggle of trying to win projects by day and estimating by night. Other than it's unhealthy effect to the person, in the long run it only produces exhaustion and low quality of work. This is the aim of Cubits Estimating, to be your go to construction estimators. We not only provide you a digital takeoff of your projects but we also help you identify the best projects to bid. No person can wear all the hat. Work designation not only saves you time and effort but also saves you money.

Getting An Estimator Can Save Your Spending

If your'e a contractor or a project manager, with all the work load you have in a week, how many of those project submissions can you confidently say it will win? Trying to get things done all by yourself will lower the quality of your work, which means low probability of winning your bids, and more spending. Cubits Estimating is a team of virtual construction estimators who have been in the professional field for more than 10 years. We pride the experience of our estimators in multiple construction types. Residential, commercial, schools, hotels and resorts, and sports facilities. As we are based in the Philippines, you will get the same level of expertise or even higher as your local estimators and will only cost you less than the average hourly rate.

This, indeed, is the new normal of estimating.

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